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Welcome to Toppen

Vefsn Folk High School Toppen is a liberal (religiously and politically independent) folk high school with an age limit of 18 years youngest. You will have a solid range of subjects within MUSIC, MUSIC PRODUCTION, ACTING, SPORTS AND OUTDOOR LIFE , MOUNTAIN SPORTS AND KAYAKING , OUTDOOR LIFE EASY , CREATIVE MIX and E-SPORTS.

The two-pronged profile allows you to study a subject in depth while simultaneously trying out new activities and subjects. You will meet like-minded people and really shine on the stage, in the studio, on tour or in the gym. You will also get to know people with other interests than you, this undoubtedly will broaden your mind and make you a bit wiser and more generous. All employers look for personal development and social skills, and this is precisely what you get at a folk high school.

A bit of day-to-day life

Below you will see how the timetable looked like usual weeks last school year. Most elective courses take place wednesday and in the afternoon / evening. Some line activity also requires work in the evening. We divide the school year in 5 periods, and plan one period at the time. This will cause some changes to the plan throughout the year.

During the year there are mandatory classes/events every other Saturday and 4-5 Sundays.

The school is open all day till we close at. 23.00 (usually). To make the most of the year you should take advantage of this opportunity and make things happen. Some of the classrooms are occasionally relegated to courses, trim groups and the like, but there is still good access in most rooms, except for regular teaching hours. The timetable is under revision and changes can be made.

As a student at folk high school, you must take a lot of responsibility for the community, both socially and practically. It also implies voluntary work and kitchen / in-house duty. In addition to these common duties, of course, cleanliness and order in your own room and bathroom / toilet is your responsibility.

School calendar 2024-2025


  • Student reception Sunday 25.08.2024‍
  • The first day of classes is Monday 26.08.2024
  • Autumn holiday from and including Friday 04.10 (first day off) to and including Tuesday 15.10 (last day off)
  • Christmas holiday from and including 20.12 (first day off) to and including Tuesday 11.01.2025 (last day off)


  • Student reception for spring course Saturday 11.01.2025
  • Student reception year course Sunday 12.01.2025
  • Easter holiday from and including Friday 11.04 (first day off) to and including 22.04 (last day off)
  • Closing event for annual courses and spring courses on Saturday morning 18.05.2025
  • Return home the same day.

Subject to changes

Practical information

We have a shared kitchen for the students which can be used if you want to cook yourself a meal. Here you wash your clothes in a common laundry room, as all students use. You may want to mark your clothes before you arrive so that they are not easily confused. It is not allowed to bring pets to school. Smoking only in designated places (also applies to electric cigarettes).

Read about our School basics

Field trip

During the school year, all the lines will go on field trips, both domestic and abroad. It is important that you have passport, travel insurance and European health insurance card (or similar for your country). You will receive more information about the tours when the school year starts.


Elective subjects are selected after you have arrived, but you can register for the major subjects Subjects for Higher Education (only Norwegian students).


You may want to check that you have insurance that covers all conditions by staying outside the home and your country. Make sure you have insurance that covers high value items (camera, computer equipment, musical instruments and sports equipment). It may also be advisable to secure against damage you may incur on other people’s assets. You also need a travelinsurance for school field trips. The school has an insurance for accidents occurring during school hours.

If you are studying in Norway for less than a year, you will not, as a general rule, become a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. Please read about your rights and obligations:

Norwegian Health Care for foreigners

Find your line

At TOPPEN you can immerse yourself in the line that interests you the most, while giving you the opportunity to try out new activities and subjects. Great for those who like to be both creative and active.

Next year you can choose following programes:

Creative MIX

This is the line for you who find it difficult to choose. Who likes to be creative and want to experience new aspects of yourself. Here you can breathe freely, be safer, and have fun.

This is a real goody bag if you like different things to do. You don’t have to know everything before you apply, or be particularly good at it. Here you can explore and develop at your own pace and without beeing judged.

This line will give impetus to change, creative energy, inspiration, good ideas and initiative.

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At Creative MIX you get the opportunity to participate in many exciting things throughout the year. You get to develop with creative and fun projects, and test everything from redesign and theater, to painting and photography. This line gives you many experiences and experiences that allow you to learn a lot about yourself and the others. At Creative MIX it is just a big plus that people are different and have different backgrounds and interests. Here you can find out what you like, test out new things, and expand the horizon.


At Creative MIX, your opinion and your wishes are important to us. We welcome input, and in consultation with you, we will create a eventful time. A good and safe classroom environment is a crucial for you to be comfortable and grow.

We believe that people learn the most in an environment that gives you the opportunity to test things out and make your own experiences. We are more interested in facilitating good experiences, and asking some questions, than always having the right answer. We know that humor and work satisfaction create the best team, good wibes and motivation.


At Creative MIX, we work practically and project-based. The projects vary in length, form and content according to the themes we are working on. Sometimes we have a Workshop that lasts for three days, other periods last for three weeks. If you want to work on a self-selected project, it is possible.


This line gives you the opportunity to unfold yourself and descover new possibilities. Here we hunt for magical moments on stage, and create performances that will make you proud!

Our ACTING line is perfect for those who like to keep up with different expressions in theater and film. We often collaborate with the other lines, and benefit from their expertise.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. That you want to learn, are curious and motivated to work with the subject is the most important thing. You will develop from the level you are at.

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This is the line for you who are still a little unsecure. Here you get the opportunity to try yourself, explore what you can achieve, and get guidance from good teachers who want the best for you. At Music you get time to test and develop yourself and enjoy music with others.

We focus a lot on interaction and our own development. You will receive guidance on your instrument and your personal style, so that you can explore and develop in the direction that suits you best.

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We will visit several genres, different techniques, interaction and listening comprehension, stage performance, songwriting, concerts and events.

We want you to have a safe environment around you, so that you can dare to try what you want.

The line works mostly in projects, which may end with a concert. We play in bands or in other ensembles, depending on what is suitable and what people want to do.

During the year we will have some workshops with hired instructors. It may be within the areas technique, genres, improvisation or communication.

Music production

On Music Production you get to know what it’s like to be a music producer. Producing takes time, a lot of time. At TOPPEN you will get the time to do it!
Not only do we get 1-2 hours a day, but often 6-8! In such a collective, where everyone listen to each others music and instant access to constructive criticism, you develop very quickly.

We are also focusing on playing live! Therefore, our classes often varies between much personal work, technical theory and beeing «on the floor». Such teaching is about finding out different techniques and tricks to deliver electronic music in the best possible way.

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There is also a lot of business at the bottom of the course. Music Production operates its own collective / record label called SinewaveCollective.
This way you get a lot of inside information about how to go ahead to promote your own music!

In key words, the teaching is as follows:

– Own music
– Remixing
– Sound Design
– Mixing
– Mastering
– Foley
– Recording
– Sampling
– Collabing / Collaboration

– Listening
– Train your ear
– Transcribe sounds
– Teachings and scales
– Develop Harmonies
– Learn about sound

– A lot of time for your own work
– Interaction with electronic instruments

– Text
– Melody
– Arrangement

– Artist Development
– Copyright and rights
– Budget
– Tournament plans
– Recording plan
– Promotion
– Merchs
– Music Management


E-Sport at TOPPEN gives you an amazing opportunity to get an understanding of what e-sport is, while at the same time experiencing folk high school. During a school year, you get expert guidance on routine e-sports personalities and you will get to know all the e-sports can offer. Our focus is to make sure you get a true picture of what e-sport is and what it takes to keep up with this at the highest level, either as a player or in an administrative role.

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Although we focus heavily on what we do in terms of tournaments and training, we also try to work as closely as possible with the other lines.

In addition to being a student at folk high school and taking part in all that it implies, you will be able to:

  • Mapping of own skills
  • Participation in tournaments and competitions
  • Guide to building an international profile
  • Study trips to international events
  • Guidance and expertise from routine e-sports personalities
  • Guide to diet and exercise
  • Guidance in analysis and strategy

Mountain sports and kayaking

We mostly focus at Mountain Sports- here is a lot of action, exciting trips and nice prospects. Top of the mountain walks, climb the mountains, kites on the banks, walk Via Ferrata and walk in glaciers; stays in cabins, tents and snow caves and learns to know all the whimsical sides of the mountain.

In Kayaking we use the fjord and the rivers around the school, we practice rescue techniques and eskimorole in the pool and go on island hopping with sea kayaking and tents on the Helgeland coast.

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Helgeland is an eldorado for outdoor activities. High mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls, large glaciers, unspoiled national parks, Norway’s finest kayak archipelago, northern lights, tens of thousands of islets and shacks in the ocean gorge, beautiful mountains, mountains and valleys, rivers that bend down to the sea – all less than an hour away from school. Here there are outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world to experience Northern Norway nature.


  • Island hopping by sea kayak
  • Calm seas and roaring rivers
  • Surfing with kayak
  • Intro and Basic Sea Kayak (Wet Short NPF)
  • Intro and Foundation River Kayaking (Wet Short NPF)
  • Glacierwalking
  • Dog sledding
  • Rock climbing inside and outside
  • Snowkiting
  • Top Tours
  • Topptau- and Ledkort (Steep Short)
  • Bouldering in Sila
  • Camping  in the mountains
  • Ski lift trips to the ski lift
  • Mountain trips on skis
  • Snow cave
  • Rappelling
  • Caving
  • Ice climbing
  • Skiseil
  • Prepared for avalanche
  • Sail Boat Tour
  • Survival trip
  • Chasing The Northern Lights
  • Tutorial on using Maps and Compass
  • First Aid Course
  • Knowledge of maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Project week with volunteer work
  • Slack rope
  • Winter Expedition

Sports and outdoor living

At Sports and Outdoor Living it’s never a week that’s alike, and it’s almost impossible to get bored. There will be new experiences every week. The teachers are concerned that you should feel good while you are a student with us. We want you to have a good and safe environmen at school. We practise a lot of codetermination, and the students are always included in the planning.

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It is important to us that you have a good experiense while you are a student at TOPPEN. Laughter and good experiences are something we strive for. We want you to go to bed smiling every night.

During a year at Sports and Outdoor Living, you get to try an incredible amount of different things. You get to do the things you love and at the same time get to check out new activities. In addition, you will have good opportunities to train individually and in groups. Helgeland has fantastic conditions for experiences and activities in nature, and we of course use as much of it as possible.

Outdoor life easy

A year at Outdoor Life EASY gives you lots of fun experiences in a safe and social class environment. We go on trips where you have plenty of time to enjoy your experiences and unwind in proper Northern Norway nature.

This is not a line for you who will always go the longest, the highest or fastest; Here we focus on creating the best hiking experiences with good people. You also lern to make proper gourmet food in the wild.

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Wild Northern nature

The area Helgeland is an Eldorado for outdoor life activities. Tall mountains, deep valleys, wild rapids, great glaciers, untouched National Parks, Norway’s best sea kayak coast line with over 30 000 islands – all this and more, in the near perimeter of the school.

South of the city are two National Parks. Lomsdal-Visten is a pearl on the Helgeland coast known for its nature adventure. Børgefjell is our second oldest and one of our most famous National Parks. Here you will find untouched wilderness with varied wildlife. Nature is wild and beautiful with its high peaks and deep valleys. The area is famous for good fishing and hunting.

The easy access to great nature gives us the opportunity to pack the bag and easily meet new adventures. We have a great variety of activities on the course, and together with your fellow students you will get to make an impact on what you want to do during the year. In addition to a great deal of trips in the wilderness, you will also get to try our new sea kayaks, ride a dog sled on snow, go island jumping by bike, climbing inside and on outdoor walls, bouldering and exploring caves.

Half year courses

With us, you can choose to attend half-year courses if you prefer. Maybe your plans changed during the fall, and you need something nice to do until the summer. Or maybe you have free time until January? Then half-year courses can be a good option.

We have half-yearly courses on most lines, and you can apply at There you can also read more about the different lines.

Most students in half-year courses follow the teaching together with the students who attend annual courses. Then there will be a little more together and more fun. You quickly become part of the gang when you are open to making new friends.

As a school we are committed to making everyone feel good. We want you to have a lot of OPPORTUNITIES when you are a student with us, and you can choose between many activities and electives in addition to your line subject

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