Do you want to:
  • develop your talent?
  • stage performances that touch the audience?
  • have your acting dreams come true?

This course is a suitable choice if you want to become an actor. Whether your experience from the theatre is scant or great, you will have challenges, knowledge and qualifications that really matter! Being inquisitive and motivated provides a good basis of learning a lot. You will develop as a human being and an actor. With dedicated teachers guiding all the way from script to a full-fledged performance magical moments on the stage are created.

At wActor – film and theatre job satisfaction and a friendly environment are important. Being generous, open-minded and inclusive is highly appreciated.

We want you to gain an insight into the world of theatre so that after this year you will be provided with tools and qualifications that will enable you to work in the theatre on many levels.

  • acting skills
  • script/how to play a part
  • directing/producing
  • improvisation/stage sport
  • film
  • performance/Physical theatre
  • soliloquy

The school year is divided into different production periods that will vary in contents, scope and artistic expression. Anything from minor shows based on improvisation to script-based performances with complete stage rigging and technicians from SLS. Working with different genres and themes will help you develop into a full-fledged actor. We allow ample space for being creative and taking an active part in the process. You may pick the script, develop roles and influence how to direct. You will learn how to use stage effects such as make-up, costumes and stage set, and you will get an impression of what a producer does to boot.


Cooperating with innovative and highly qualified film people we work with draft development and script. You will have a lot of acting practice in front of the camera. You may produce short films and  have the opportunity to participate as an extra in local film projects. Several projects together with WEBSERIES AND FILM during the year.


Improvisation and stage sport develop creativity and spontaneity, qualities that make you a better actor. To throw oneself into something without any plan whatsoever may prove beneficial even at a personal level.


A big stage, Blackbox, rehearsal rooms, costumes/prop storeroom,sound/lights equipment, dressing-rooms with the state of the art make-up.


Actor cooperates with The Theatre  of Nordland and The Norwegian Travelling Theatre. We watch all their performances, visit the theatre,meet the actors and have workshops. This broadens the horizon and provides new inspiriation.

We have a big theatre/musical production together with SLS and work at music. Many performances touring Norway, which will provide you with an invaluable experience of acting and touring.

Field trip to Stockholm, an oasis of theatreand culture, where we watch everything from household musicals to classical theatre.

Our course gives you a sound basis if you consider further studies  in drama/theatre and  direction.

“I found my piece at Toppen”
When  I started at Toppen I was certain about one thing: Theatre! I was so certain that I did not think much more beyond this little big word that contains a whole world. During the school year I I gleaned an insight into all the different pieces of the big puzzle. Acting,  directing,  dress rehearsal, planning, touring, improvisation, nerves, stage lights in your eyes, an audience that cries over a play you have put your  soul into, as well as the empty silence  when the audience has left the room for the last time and your stage set will be dismantled.

At Toppen there is no competition and envy. No hateful looks and supervising teachers. On the contrary, people are generous and inclusive. Setting out on the puzzle called theatre, finding your own piece in fact takes a lot of generosity. Trial and error. Laughing and crying. Old costumes, new direction and new friends. Cold sausages behind the stage.

I found my piece at Toppen.  Not acting, but theatrecraft, because there are infinitely many more pieces  needed at a theatre. I feel privileged having experienced Toppen. My piece would not be the same without it. Without the generosity, the laughter and the team spirit.

I studied theatrecraft in Aarhus, Denmark. I presently work as a stage manager, previously employed at Theatre Ibsen and The Norwegian Travelling Theatre.
Hege Hermansen – work@stage