Do you enjoy when you are  in shape?

  • Exercise – Diet – PT
  • Endurance, strength and agility
  • Training Stays at La Santa

Fitness PULSE PT provides you with a thorough introduction to both theory and practice in the field, and enables you to continue your own training as well as lead and guide your own workouts. This includes topics such as motivation, leadership, instruction, communication, and anatomy and physiology, physical training and nutrition. Otherwise, you will learn how to use music in training, practice planning and conducting classes and learn about the workout guidance. In Fitness PULSE PT you will also be able to practice as an instructor where you manage group lessons on your own.

In Fitness PULSE PT the main focus is exercise and lifestyle. You will gain experience in setting up your own training plans, both in groups and individually. Lessons are mainly done at the Frisk 3 gym, which mainly utilizes Les Mills programs such as  BODY PUMP, BODYBALANCE and GRIT Strength.

Exercise affects the body, health and mind in a positive way. The training programs are tailored to each individual, and we put  great emphasis on personal development and injury prevention. You learn a lot about diet / nutrition, physical training and recovery. Everyday life is made up of versatile strength and endurance training.

The course is operated in cooperation with the Frisk 3 Gym in Mosjoen. Through our collaboration with Frisk 3 you also get the opportunity to participate in div. competence courses. The center has nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers and instructors and runs their own company. As a student in Fitness Pulse PT you get access to all training facilities in the fitness center, as well as access to the pool at Kippermoen Sports Centre.

In the Fitness Line students have the fun and doing exercise is fun – this leads to greater effort and better results!


  • Sports ALL and Fitness Pulse NPT have a joint training camp at La Santa, Lanzarote.
  •  The combination of sun, heat, beach life and training is fantastic.
  • Ski / spa / alpintur Hemavan / Tärnaby – one of Sweden’s finest resorts
  • Tour of Helgeland, and a bike ride you’ll never forget.
  • Northern Norway Cruise with Hurtigruta


“After a year at Fitness Pulse
I knew what I would do for the rest of my life”
I wanted to motivate people, make them involved and teach them about the fun of fitness.
I  wanted to do it with the commitment and joy you find in Brita and Ulf.

Now, ten years later, I run my own fitness studio and work as a coach and personal trainer. I am an ambassador for TechNutrition (the best Norwegian sports nutrition) and can spend all my time doing what I really love to do. A dream come true due to the year at Toppen.

At Toppen nothing is impossible, an idea you bring with you for the rest of your life. Here I learned to trust myself, being adamant about being successful.  The teachers are unbelievable, bringing up the wildest training ideas.  You will have physical and mental challenges that will make you stronger and happier and will make you feel on top of things.

Hilde Kyllo – Fitness PULSE